jeudi 31 décembre 2015

A report on Xin Jiang; short comment of Samir Amin December 2015


A French reporter (Ursula Gauthier) has been recently expelled from China for her criticism of the policies pursued by China in Xin Jiang. Well one would expect from French journalists that they devote their efforts rather to look into the continuous and systematic racist discrimination practiced vis a vis their nationals of “moslem extract” by many of the authorities (municipal councils, police, employers) running after the support of that important minority who gives its votes to the racist fascists. She should have denounced these practices which do not contribute fighting terrorism but rather reinforce its chances. She should have explained to her readers that France and other Western powers do not fight terrorism out of their boundaries. The continuous alliance with the Gulf countries and Turkey, who actively support Daesh, Nosra and other djihadists in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali , as well as in Russia and China, is never denounced. These journalists belong to what I qualify “the media clergy in the service of the imperialist oligarchies ruling their countries”. For sure Chinese policies in Xin Jiang and Tibet are not above any criticism, but it is not what is painted in the Western media. It fights terrorism, not people. The Chinese revolution has liberated the peoples of Xin Jiang and Tibet from the ugliest slavery practiced by the Mollahs and the monks. The Western so called “democrats” of to-day ignore these facts. The Western powers never did it in their colonies. They always fought democratic struggles in the countries of the South, pursuing their exclusive goal –subordinating those countries to their plunder- which implies associating with the most reactionary local classes, enemies of their own people and therefore useful friends of the Western powers. They pursue the same target in Xin Jiang and Tibet and to that effect provide support to the Mollahs and the Dalai Lama’s monks, including to those of them who moved into terrorist action. The western powers and their media clergy have no right to give lessons of democracy to China. They should first correct their ugly behavior in the places they control.

( December 2015)

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