mercredi 30 juillet 2014

SAMIR AMIN , ON GAZA , july 2014

SAMIR AMIN on Gaza July 30th 2014
Israel is conducting systematic State terrorism against the people of Gaza. Israel initiated State terrorism as of 1948, with organised massacres of whole Palestinian villages (Deir Yassine, Tantour and many others) and deportation of hundreds of thousands people (in fact ethnic cleansing). It has never accepted the idea of a peace settlement recognising a Palestinian State. It is continuously establishing settlements in the occupied territories submitted to apartheid policy. It has never respected any decision of the UN and developed nuclear arms not tolerated for any other State in the Region. It is submitting Gaza to a blockade which makes survival in the strip almost impossible.
The least that we should expect is severe sanctions compelling Israel to respect the rights of the Palestinians. But for sure US, Britain, France and Germany will oppose their veto to such a minimal normal civilised response to Israel terrorism! That demonstrates that the imperialist powers pursue in the region as elsewhere their exclusive target which is to establish their military control over the Planet and that Israel is their ally for the implementation of that programme.

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